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Chicken Fried is Florent Dufour (vocal/guitar) and Minka (vocal/guitar). It's American music.
Deeply influenced by country music, Florent Dufour is  also fans of rock music, blues, hard rock, jazz and other kinds of American music. The concept is indeed an original one: they offer a unique show that combines music (both compositions and cover songs, among which you'll find Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Hank Williams , Keith Urban, Josh Turner) with historical knowledge (story-telling about American music). Minka is deeply influenced by country music, punk music and hard rock.Their strength comes from an overflowing and communicative energy serving a timeless music, made to be played unplugged and listened to.
The lyrics are taken great care of since Florent's specialty is... writing. their words are tough, sometimes humorous, but always sound true. Their work is based on melodic research too, on associating the best tune with the best music.
Their love for the USA emerged from his numerous trips there – more than 35 States visited. Fond of the United States' western sceneries, of its culture, of its people, of its music, Florent perfectly know how to express and share their passion.
Florent claims to be influenced by cult guitar players such as Van Halen, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban. He is a specialist of country music in France and organized several conferences on this specific topic around the country. He hosts a country music show on TV – on TLM in Lyon, the only channel opened to country music.
Florent challenge styles and trends in order to deliver pure music.

You would like to spend an evening full of genuine feelings and positive mood? Contact them! They are available to play anywhere in the world.

CHICKEN FRIED it's: 1200 shows in 11 years, 12 europeans tours as opening acts for US band ( WARD HAYDEN & THE OUTLIERS, GIRLS GUNS & GLORY, RANDY THOMPSON, AMY BLACK, GREG KLYMA, SARAH BORGES...), 3 US tours, 9 awards as 'best new country band", "best songwriter" and "best country band" in France in 2011 and 2012 , "best band" and "best female singer" in 2013 and 2014.

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* CHICKEN FRIED will be on tour, in October/ November 2017. CHICKEN FRIED will open the tour for the American band GIRLS GUNS & GLORY. More dates to come...

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